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M.E.Pre.Construction LLC (“MEP-C”) is a consulting firm offering legal and program management services to contractors, construction managers, building owners and developers.  Drawing on more than thirty years in the construction industry as a design professional and attorney, MEP-C provides practical guidance to the construction team on a full range of contract and other legal issues.

Lean, nimble, responsive services tailored to your needs

Clients planning small to mid-sized projects (ranging from $250,000 to $20 million in total contract value) need the same high-quality pre-construction legal and management advice as the largest projects. Often, however, owners and contractors on projects of this size are not supported by adequate in-house staff, and cannot burden the project with the high overhead and hourly rates commanded by major consulting firms. Moreover, the junior personnel that large consulting firms often assign to smaller project may lack the experience, insight and confidence to quickly identify problems and opportunities, and steer team members with conflicting interests toward the appropriate solution.

MEP-C can assist contractors, architects, engineers, interior designers and project owners in structuring their legal relationships through fair and well-drafted contracts; selecting the appropriate project delivery model; steering the project through the various regulatory and public approvals; managing the flow of information in the design and construction processes; and resolving disputes that arise as a part of the building or procurement process. 

As both an attorney and licensed architect, MEP-C offers a broad perspective and a full range of professional skills. Joining the project team on Day One, MEP-C can help identify and obtain the decisions and approvals required to jump-start the project. Having served as project manager, designer and owner’s representative, MEP-C has the perspective to serve as a bridge between clients and other team members, to facilitate the flow of information, decision-making and quality assurance. MEP-C fosters effective communication between all participates to ensure an optimum result.

Experience and Understanding Are Our Competitive Edge

MEP-C is unique, offering an experienced and accomplished architect and attorney, attuned to the financial and intangible goals of clients and designers, in a lean and nimble business package. 

A Focus on Results

Many owners are surprised to learn when they enter into a standard contracting agreement that they also take on an extensive list of duties which they must perform during the project--or risk breaching these contracts. Although some of these tasks can be delegated, all too often these tasks fall through the cracks, leaving the owner and contractor with an unexpected and unwelcome burden late in the project.

Early in the project, MEP-C will break down and explain the mutual promises of the contracts, particularly the scope-of-work, timing and financial responsibilities of each of the parties, and help determine which party performs each task in the proper sequence, to avoid misunderstandings that cause finger-pointing, delays, and unexpected costs.

A Full Range of Services

MEP-C offers legal and program management services, acting as either independently or in concert with in-house personnel on an as-needed consulting basis.  MEP-C can also assemble a top-quality team to supplement the capabilities of the team as needed.


MEP-C offers the following services (among other services), depending upon the Client’s needs:

Identify and procure necessary pre-design documentation, such as existing documentation, site conditions studies, governmental planning and regulatory documents;

Select the appropriate project delivery model—traditional design/bid/build for a stipulated sum; construction management at-risk with a guaranteed price; design/build for a guaranteed maximum price; or other approaches;

Select the appropriate designer(s), consultants and other partners, including cost and schedule consultants and other project management specialists;

Set up, draft and negotiate fair and sustainable contractual relationships between clients, designers, consultants, contractors, financing entities and other participants, with the primary goals of clear relationships and minimal disputes;

Advise on appropriate risk-management strategies (insurance, indemnities, bonding, etc.);

Troubleshoot problem projects and dysfunctional intra-project relationships;

Resolve disputes and put projects and relationships back on track without litigation;

Advise the client when litigation is unavoidable, including selection of dispute resolution method and forum (with a strong preference for alternative dispute resolution), assistance in preparation for dispute resolution, and/or selection of appropriate counsel and consultants if circumstances require.

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Your new project is not merely a finance-driven business opportunity. It also comprises many intangibles, including the public image, self-perception, reputation, and long-term vision of you, the builders, and designers, which cannot always be reduced to dollars and cents. 

In more than three decades of legal and architectural practice, on a wide variety of projects, MEP-C added value to each project by getting behind the client’s request for a design, a contract, a problem resolution, or some other service, to find out what the client needs and wants--and delivering.



Michael Peters brings substantial professional experience to a practice focused upon preventing and resolving contractual and construction-related disputes in both the government and private realm, on projects large and small.  He represents owners, designers, contractors, product manufacturers, and their insurers in situations ranging from contract drafting and negotiation to mediation, arbitration and litigation of disputes. Michael Peters has:

Drafted architect and construction  contracts for a $350 million multi-phase casino and racing facility;

Drafted and negotiated owner-architect and architect-consultant agreements on behalf of a major D.C. area residential design firm;

Managed design consultants and advised on legal and management issues on a $188 million assisted living and senior condominium community; 

Advised government sector clients in the transportation, defense, and energy sectors on the legal and technical aspects of their construction claims;

Advised clients and negotiated construction contracts for luxury co-op apartment renovations on the Upper East Side, NYC and Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia; and

Advised small and medium-sized design firms on business succession matters, and drafted stock purchase agreements and other essential documents.

Michael Peters is admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the District of Columbia, and is familiar with the federal Court of Claims and Boards of Contract Appeals. Mr. Peters is a Pennsylvania licensed architect, and practiced architecture for 13 years with several internationally recognized firms. He was also an adjunct professor of architecture. M.E.Pre.Construction LLC: Construction law and real estate law—expertise you can count on.

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